Miracle of Science Revealed

Carbon Dating Techniques are Used

Using dating techniques usually reserved to date dinosaur bones, local scientists determine the age of the GFB fossil.

"We have determined that it was his birthday by critical measurements and other subtle signs," commented the senior scientist on the project.

"The brilliant glow from the cake candles kept him blinded long enough to snap a couple of pictures," the scientist continued. "At first we thought it was a Sasquatch, but he looked too old for one of them."

An onlooker quipped,"If there had been a candle for every year of his age, the cake would have looked like a porcupine and probably burned the place down."

Photo of fossil with his new Barbie girlfriend

"I'm so excited," explained the fossil. "Who would have expected to find their new girlfriend sitting atop their birthday cake!" He later privately professed his dying love for Barbie.

Day 2 - The Festivities Continue

Well wishers take the fossil to a local eatery to continue to celebrate.

Eat, drink and enjoy were the watch words of the day.

"Wow!" remarked the fossil,"This place has excellent hot wings! And are they HOT!"


On the Home Front

"Hot wings my foot," snorted Barbie. "I can see the hot wings that two timer was checking out. Just wait until he gets home!"

In an unrelated event . . .

Sasquatch watchers are reporting hearing the plaintive cry of the elusive beast. "We heard one last night," reported several residents in a Charlotte neighborhood. If the wind was right it sounded like, "Pleeeese, Barbie, . . pleeeese let me in," they explained. "We've heard that cry often lately," the residents continued.