Gaston County Epidemic

County Health Officials Voice Concern

Gastonia -The continuing head lice epidemic has caused the Gaston County Health Department to undertake an aggressive approach to the continuing problem that began in the public schools but is now a county wide problem.

"Head lice are always a problem, but this year it seems that everyone is infested," stated a member of the inspection team.

Local Bank Leads the Fight

"The bank has allowed the Health Department to conduct onsite checks to prevent this infestation from disrupting the banking services being offered to our customers," stated a senior member from the bank management team.

lice check

Bank employees cheerfully submit to the head lice check being performed by qualified Health Department personnel.

Check up

Suzette Ellis, a bank employee, demonstrates the correct manner to subtly inspect fellow workers for infestation .


Paul Teem, a member of the senior management team stated, "The bank does everything it can for the community and it's employees. This was especially easy since it counted as the employee's morning break."


"How was I to know? I thought it was just a stubborn case of dandruff!" lamented this unnamed staff member.

Pam Pruitt, a bank employee was heard to comment, "I'm glad they weren't checking for crab lice . . . at least not while we were on the teller line."