The Christmas Spirit Arrives at the Main Avenue Branch

The Gala Tree Decorating Party

Despite the bad weather, the pressures of the Christmas season and the demands of home and family, the Main Branch Christmas Tree Decorating Committee showed that they were up to the job and proved they were the best choice for this prestigious job.

After a slow start because of the increased demands of their job during the Christmas season, and with a Monday deadline for completing the task, Saturday became D-Day for the decorating operation.

Martha trims the tree

Martha Takes a turn at the ladder work. An estimated 160 to 200 trips up and down the ladder will be required to complete the job.

A Merry Time Was Had By All

As each waited their turn to help, members of the Decorating Committee including management and the rank and file sip mulled cider and sample the snacks that several members had brought.

The Decorating Comitee watches

Here we see committee members patiently waiting their turn to decorate.

Even Strangers Pitched in

Stranger Helps

This unidentified woman, caught up in the spirit of the occasion, helps Martha place a special decoration.

"I sure learned something about people from this," remarked Martha at the completion of the project.