Becoming a Beekeeper

2011 - Getting a little help from a friend.

After all my years of sweating alone while I harvested honey, a friend volunteered to help this year. I explained the plan to him and he still didn't bolt. I guess that's what makes him a friend.

Max & Tom Honey Harvesters

Here's Max and me suited up and all eager to get at the bees. (Him a lot more than me.)


See how excited and happy Max is? I was that way once too. Now it's just hot work.

harvest 01

We started in the afternoon, and took all the honey from the bees. We loaded it on the cart and rolled it back to the garage. Then Max went home to return at 9 PM when it was finally dark and we could start extracting the honey.

Extracting the honey

Max returned with his mom, we had a cousin drop in and the extracting got under way.

Max showing his uncapping skills

Max showing off his uncapping skills. After the frames are uncapped they go into the extractor.

Maxine helps too

Maxine, Max's mom, couldn't stand it until she got to help too. Wow, I just stood back and let them work their little hearts out.

Maxine My little helpers Loading the honey extractor

Loading the frames of honey into the honey extractor.

Holding down the extractor

The extractor got a little off balance and we are brute forcing it back onto the floor rather than take the time to try and balance it.

By about 11PM we were done and the equipment was washed up and put outside for the bees to clean up in the morning. Net result, 10 gallons of honey (120 pounds in beekeeper talk).