Meteor Crater

About 77.4 miles from Williams AZ, this area is flat, flat, flat in all directions. Those mountains are about 40 miles away. The flatness hides the fact that the area is about 5500 feet above sea level.

Meteor Crater 1 Meteor Crater 2

The crater, approximately 550 feet deep, 1 mile across.

Meteor Crater 3

Here, Eduardo our guide from Texas, explains the features and history of the crater. He was explaining not to worry about aliens since he had his green card.

Meteor Crater 5

As if on cue, the black helicopters appeared and flew past. A quick head count verified there had been no abductions, and the tour continued.

Meteor Crater 4 Meteor Crater 6 Meteor Crater 7

More information is available at their web site.