Carlsbad Caverns

Located a respectable 657.8 miles from Williams AZ and only 1524 miles from Charlotte NC, this was a worthwhile stop. As with the Grand Canyon, the scale of the caverns has to be experienced. Pictures and TV programs don't convey the immensity of the caverns. I only took the self guided tour of the Great Room this visit.

With a downpour of rain and dwindling memory in the camera, I limited myself to photos in the caverns. Next time I'll bring a tripod to steady the camera. The room is too large for the flash and timed exposures have to be more steady that I often was able to accomplish.

Caverns 0

During the drive through New Mexico, this is what the land looked like for about 100 miles. There weren't even any bushes. Altitude, 5200 feet, speed 75+ MPH.

Caverns 1

These are probably 30 feet tall. Sorry, I shook during the exposure.

Caverns 2 Caverns 3 Caverns 4

The tall spire (stalagmite) on the left is 37 feet tall.

Caverns 5 Caverns 6

This is one spot in the great room with a quarter mile view from wall to wall and greater than 200 feet to the ceiling.

More information: US Park Service