PC - what does that mean?

I was talking to my mailman today, she is the cutest little thing. I honestly don't know how she lugs that mailbag around, or why she wants to. I asked her if she wouldn't be happier at home with her kids, motherhood and all. Well, now my mail is always late and she seems much less friendly. Go figure!

A friend of mine has a wife who works to "contribute to business and industry". I asked if her boss liked his coffee black or with cream. You can tell a lot about a man by how he drinks his coffee. All my bosses used to have a cup first thing in the morning and tell "tall ones" about the babes they met the night before. I never knew where these bars that had nothing but "Barbie doll" patrons were. Anyway, she looks at me like I have something green in my teeth and huffs "MY boss is a woman!" What did I say to deserve that?

I keep hearing young people complain about their jobs. They want empowerment, a feeling of accomplishment, huge paychecks. When I was their age I was happy just to get a paycheck. We didn't expect all the frills like they do now. Food on the table and enough left over for a couple of beers. Was there more to life? Besides, that's what a job is, grueling drudgery for pay. If it isn't, it's a hobby. Kids today are all sissies.