Nature Walk

Last weekend I took my little doggie for a walk in the woods by the house. We were so excited! We wanted to see the new spring growth and to commune with nature.


Then we began to uncover evidence of a primitive tribe that is indigenous to our area. ironeyes-08.jpg

ironeyes-07.jpg ironeyes-03.jpg ironeyes-02.jpg ironeyes-06.jpg ironeyes-05.jpg

I thought that whoever did this must be rejects from the “trailer trash” crowd, or perhaps homeless people who could only find beer to drink as sustenance, but no . . .


. . . some of them were wealthy enough to own cars and seemed to enjoy throwing their trash from car windows too. Granted, the business at the end of the road also enjoys the regular airing out their dumpster and letting their trash blow into the street. It required two 30 gallon trash bags to pick up all the beer bottles, fast food wrappers and this trash along the side of the road. It would take a pickup to carry out all of the trash in the woods.

Now I know why Iron Eyes Cody was always weeping, his land was overrun with people who are trash and who enjoy leaving their mark on it.