1. Q: Why is your web site so dark? Are you depressed? Or just color blind?
    A: I wanted to keep the "look" of the site consistent and using Photoshop as a guide, grays around photos allow the colors to be seen better. Since this is a "photos" site, I chose grays as my color scheme.

  2. Q: Why is all this "stuff" on your site?
    A: This started as an accumulation of topics that I chose to post and point to in emails rather than attach them to the email. It also gave me an opportunity to develop some HTML experience.

  3. Q: What did it take you to get started in web design.
    A: A desire to do it, a library card to check out books and acquiring a few authoring tools. For software I started with HomeSite (HTML text editor), Topstyle(Cascading style sheet editor) and finally Macromedia Dreamweaver V 6.1 (WYSIWG editor). I later acquired a Canon EOS Digital Rebel for photography, Epson Perfection 2450 Photo for scanning old photos and negatives,Upgraded to Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Dreamweaver CS6. I now have the industrial strength Swiss army knives of products as tools to maintain my dinky site. However, old geezers have to spend their money on something.

  4. Q: Why is your site so slow to load?
    A: My desire was to use pictures larger than a postage stamp for a target audience with high speed internet access. I have optimized them to be the smallest file possible without sacrificing quality.

  5. Q: do you get many emails regarding your site?
    A: Not yet.