A Visit to Brushy Mountain Bee Farm


It's off to buy more bee supplies. I like Brushy Mountain because they are a North Carolina business and they were at the forefront for supplying the eight frame hive equipment which I use.

Entrance sign

When I see this sign, my credit card starts to vibrate with anticipation.

bee hives

The bee hives in a field on the way down the driveway.

Retail Store

This is where the experience starts, the retail store (Building 1). You can touch and play with almost anything they sell and decide what your bees and you need or want.

Retail store #2

Another view of the retail store.

Building 3

After the order is placed at the retail store or phoned in before leaving home, the order is picked up at the warehouse - Building 3. They do manufacturing in the back two buildings.

Inside building 3

Another warehouse

Another warehouse.

After loading up, one can select the scenic route and look at the mountain scenery on the way home.

Brushy Mountain online catalog